Monday, 14 April 2008

Leon Superfood Salad

This is our take on the fabulous Superfood Salad, unashamedly based on the Leon favourite. A great mid-week lunch, Mark gets feta cheese with his whereas mine is usually vegan. This week, we added asparagus as the season seems to be upon us and we got some beautiful asparagus going really cheap in the market.

Leon Superfood Salad
1 cup of quinoa
1 head of broccoli
5-10 asparagus spears
Handful of frozen peas
1 avocado
Handful of alfalfa sprouts
Handful of pumpkin seeds
Chopped fresh mint
Chopped fresh flat leaf parsley
Juice of one lemon
Olive oil

Cook the quinoa in double the amount of water until the water is absorbed and the grains have swelled and the little thread appears. I throw in the frozen peas towards the end just to thaw them a little. Whilst the quinoa is cooking, steam the broccoli and asparagus (if using) on the bamboo steamers on top of the quinoa pan. Peel and chop the avocado and mix all of the remaining ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Juice the lemon and mix a splash of olive oil. Pour over the salad, mix well and season with a little freshly squeezed pepper on top. Be generous with the mint - it is this flavour that really makes this salad.

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