Monday, 7 April 2008

Banana Spring Rolls with Mango Sorbet and Blueberry Coulis

I managed to pick up a ton of fruit going cheap at the market this weekend. I ended up putting half of it in the dehydrator to make dried fruit and half of it in the freezer to make sorbet or ice cream. Since I had the dehydrator on anyway, I decided to experiment with a dessert I'd be thinking up for a while now. I guess you could as easily call this banana pancakes but I've still got Asia on my mind so decided it reminded me more of spring rolls, although obviously a sweetened version! This is a raw dish but more by accident than anything else and will be enjoyed by anyone who likes light, fruity desserts.
This is going to be my entry for the Cinco de Mango fiesta, organised by the Mele Cotte blog. This is a blog event to celebrate mangoes and also Cinco de Mayo, the big Mexican festival.
Banana Spring Roll Wrappers
Two bananas
Half a cup of rice milk
I blended the bananas and rice milk in my hand blender and spread them across the puree trays in the dehydrator. It is tricky to get the timings just right - I think it probably took about 6 hours at 125 degrees to get them to the right consistency.
Mango Sorbet
Two mangoes, peeled, sliced and frozen
I took them out of the freezer and let them defrost for thirty minutes before putting them through the Champion with the blank plate on. Very simple.
Blueberry Coulis
One packet of blueberries
Splash of agave nectar
Splash of water
Just blended them up with the hand blender until they were a good coulis type consistency.
To put them all together, I peeled the banana off the dehydrator sheets and cut into smaller sheets of similar lengths. I put two dessert spoons of the mango sorbet at one end of the banana sheet and rolled it up like a spring roll but leaving the ends open. I drizzled the coulis over the top and served immediately. Best eaten with your fingers definitely.


Chris said...

These look excellent! Thanks for participating!

LisaRene said...

How amazing, you MADE banana spring roll wrappers! Very creative dish! Bananas and mango do go well together. Love finger food :)