Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Carrot and Arame Salad

Not only am I always looking for unusual salad recipes but am always interested to find new and tasty ways to use seaweed for its incredible nutrition. I half invented this recipe and half stole it from something I saw in the salad bar in Whole Foods. It's always a quick but nutritious light bite that's easy to whip up, since I always keep these ingredients in the cupboard.

Carrot and Arame Salad

Two whole carrots - peeled and grated

Handful of dried arame, soaked until soft - around 10 minutes

Sprinkle of black sesame seeds

Japanese Dressing

Two tablespoons cold-pressed sesame oil

One tablespoon brown rice vinegar

One tablespoon tamari

Half tablespoon of rice mirin

Half teaspoon of wasabi powder

It's simple - mix all the solid ingredients, then mix all the dressing ingredients in a glass and pour. I hear if you let the wasabi powder stand for 10 mins or so the flavours get stronger but I never ever have the patience to wait for this! Mark commented that this would be nice with a piece of salmon for a more substantial and Japanese influenced meal. If I make extra Japanese dressing, I always keep it and it tastes great with prawn and avocado, or spinach and sesame seed.

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