Sunday, 22 June 2008

Granola with Summer Berries

In the last of today's installments on Sunday's epic cook-off, here's what I made for breakfast for the boy's Dad and his girlfriend who came to stay last night. I searched on the internet for a recipe and found one million variations, I decided to use this one as my base as it seems as good as any of the ones on offer and it turned out fantastic.

Rapeseed oil
Jumbo oats
Flaked almonds
Sesame seeds
Dried shredded coconut
Sunflower seeds
Dried unsulphured apricots
Large muscatel raisins

Take two cupfuls of oats and mix with generous handfuls of the nuts and seeds. Mix in a quarter cup of rapeseed oil (any cooking oil will do except olive oil) and a half cup of honey. Mix the ingredients well in the bowl until all of the dry ingredients are covered with the honey and oil. Spread onto a baking sheet and bake until golden, usually around 20 minutes, turning occasionally with a spatula. Once cooked, leave to cool a little as this will help it to become crunchy before chopping and adding the apricots, dates and the whole raisins. Mix in well together with the oat mixture.

I served this with fresh raspeberries and blueberries from the market and with thick and creamy homemade goat's milk yoghurt (made courtesy of my new yoghurt maker). If anyone reading this happens to know where to get raw unpasteurised goat's milk in London (or Buckinghamshire) then please let me know!

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